• Project: Custom Furniture / Recption Desk
  • Scope: Custom Design, Construction Documents
  • Work: Design Conceptualization & Imagery, Construction Documentation
  • Collaborators:
    Paul R. Sullivan Jr. AIA llc.

Project Description:
Murnen Design & Paul R. Sullivan AIA llc. were extensively involved in the re-design of Robison, Curphey & O'Connell, LLC's Office Suite (complete project portfolio here). As the project progressed Kent Murnen felt there was a lack of attention paid to the layout & design of the reception desk. After careful reconsideration Kent suggested a strong circular form aligning with the entry corridor & the incorporation of sleek curved wood panels serving as a uniting element & backdrop for RC&O's new logo design.

RC&O Reception Desk

Conceptual Design Sketch Reception Desk Design Rendering Photo of Completed Reception Desk Desk Design Construction Drawings Desk Design Construction Details

Desk Design Construction Elevations View of Reception Desk From Corridor Detail View of Reception Desk Detail View of Reception Desk Detail View of Wood Panel Stand-offs