Photo of Kent Murnen - Owner of Murnen Design
Murnen Design was officially established in 2005 by Kent Murnen to pursue a desire to provide distinctive design solutions for the graphic & built environments through a multi-disciplined & collaborative approach. With a hands on experience in construction, architectural design & a discerning creative eye every project is approached as a design opportunity.
As a collaborative team, whether your project is large or small, Murnen Design assembles the right people neccessary to ensure each project’s success.
Kent's creative abilities began at an early age & have grown throughout the years, he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture & a minor in Business Managment from Miami University & has worked for several award winning architectural firms including california based Ian Birchall + Associates, BCV Architects & local firm The Collaborative Inc. Most importantly Kent’s education, experience & abilities aren’t limited to the confines of paper or computer generated drawings, he is capable of and willing to get his hands dirty in the field in order to bring a project to life.